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From customer to partner, why Justworks PEO just made sense

With Justworks, compliance is so much easier that it’s the only PEO solution LN Accounting Advisor LLC recommends to clients.
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How It Began

LN Accounting Advisor LLC is a reputable accounting firm specializing in accounting and bookkeeping for e-commerce and consumer product goods clients across various industries, such as pet products, cosmetics, and more. They also provide outsourced CFO/Advisory services, dash advisory services, financial consulting, process improvement, and payroll management through platforms like Justworks PEO. 

Lahari Neelapareddy, founder and CEO of LN Accounting Advisor LLC, initially looked into Justworks because the company wanted to hire remotely and needed a provider that would help them remain compliant across multiple states. LN Accounting started as a Justworks customer. As the company gained more experience with Justworks and the PEO platform, they began to recommend Justworks to their clients who were either looking for a PEO or were interested in hiring remotely. Now, Justworks is the PEO they exclusively recommend.

Why LN Accounting Advisor LLC Chooses Justworks

Easy onboarding

Justworks provides a seamless onboarding experience for you and your new employees.

Streamlined payroll

We offer a simplified payroll process and effortless integrations, so you can make any payments you need to - at no extra cost.

Support for remote employees

Justworks helps businesses hire and manage remote employees across the country more effectively.

Compliance support

Get support for federal, state, and local employment-related compliance needs, including payroll tax filings.

A Simple, Intuitive Platform

One thing that sold Lahari on Justworks was how easy-to-use and user-friendly the Justworks PEO platform is when compared to other providers. Lahari shared, “The whole HR side of managing the Justworks platform is great for companies if you’re just starting out.” One helpful feature she specifically mentioned was the ability to generate offer letters in Justworks, which the team at LN Accounting frequently recommends to clients to help them save time. 

Onboarding and making year-end adjustments feel seamless. Speaking from her perspective as a Justworks customer, Lahari said, “As we grow, I think that it's helpful to have [Justworks], even if we were to scale back. Being able to add or modify benefits directly in Justworks just makes it so much easier than trying to manage multiple platforms for different things.” 

Further, the QuickBooks integration is critical for the team at LN Accounting, which they use with most of their clients. Lahari shared, “What we love about the integration for our clients — and even as Justworks customers — is being able to map people's roles and having the ability to code or break out people’s salaries. It helps us and our clients see where things need to go.” 

Easier Contractor and Vendor Payments

One of their clients has around 25-30 contractors and vendors that the team at LN Accounting needs to prepare payroll for each week. Nayab Momin, Client Manager at LN Accounting Advisor LLC, shared that the newly added bulk payments feature in Justworks PEO will make their lives even easier. With all the contractors and vendors their client has, it can take a couple of hours each week to set up and process payments. Nayab said, “I know once we start utilizing the new bulk payments feature, it will save us a good six hours of work every month.” 

When the team at LN Accounting needs to, adding new contractors or vendors is a breeze. Of the process, Nayab said, “It's super easy to create that profile and send invitations without having limitations. Once you send those invitations to the new contractors, they're easily able to follow the steps and create a profile. When contracts are up, the termination process is also super easy in Justworks. You just go in, terminate, click a date, and no other requirements are needed. So simple.”

Compliance for Multi-State Teams

One of the biggest draws of Justworks for LN Accounting Advisor LLC is that through Justworks PEO, multi-state compliance is easier. Lahari said, “We don't have to think about what state [employees are] in or all the requirements that they need from a compliance standpoint. So it makes that super easy.” 

The biggest impact Justworks PEO has made for their team — and by proxy, their clients — is that it helps make compliance one less thing to worry about. The fact that state setup, including state tax registration, is handled by Justworks PEO makes onboarding new clients much easier and offers a better experience for clients. And because Justworks PEO is taking care of state setup, the team at LN Accounting has more time to focus on what they do best as accountants. Recently, they even moved one of their clients from one payroll provider to Justworks PEO, because the client was getting larger and didn’t want to be at risk for preventable HR violations. Lahari said that Justworks is the best solution for clients operating in multiple states that need more HR support.

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