How a Global HRIS Empowers Your Team

Discover why investing in a top-notch global HRIS is a game-changer for employers managing a global team.

Blog Author - Janelle Watson
Janelle Watson
Jul 1, 20244 minutes
Blog Author - Janelle Watson
Janelle Watson

Janelle Watson provides content marketing for the international team at Justworks. With a background in higher education and journalism, Janelle helps tell stories that make international expansion and EOR accessible.

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How Will an HRIS Change the Way Your Company’s HR Functions?

For small businesses, running a global team efficiently is more challenging than ever. Enter the global HRIS – your ultimate ally in harmonizing HR operations across borders. 

With a robust global HRIS, you can streamline data management, ensure compliance with international laws, and foster a unified company culture. It's not just a tool, but operates as the backbone of your global HR strategy, empowering you to manage diverse teams seamlessly and drive your business forward. 

What is a Global HRIS?

An HRIS, or Human Resource Information System, is a powerful software solution designed to streamline HR operations through efficient data entry, tracking, and management. Think of it as the digital backbone of your HR department, ensuring all your HR processes run smoothly and accurately.

Now, take that concept global. A global HRIS is built to handle the complexities of managing HR functions across multiple countries. It centralizes all your HR data, processes, and compliance needs into one unified system, making it an essential tool for any business with a global presence. No more juggling different systems for different locations – a global HRIS brings everything together under one roof.

Key Features of a Global HRIS 

  • Multi-language support to accommodate your diverse workforce

  • Multi-currency management to handle various payrolls seamlessly

  • Onboarding and offboarding features

  • Localization features

  • Robust compliance capabilities to ensure you meet international labor laws

With these features, a global HRIS doesn't just simplify your HR operations, but it empowers your entire organization to operate more effectively on a global scale.

Why Should You Care About Having a Global HRIS for Your Global Team?

Centralized Data Management

A global HRIS system can centralize your HR data, no matter where your teams are located. Break down data silos and enhance accuracy for payroll across the board, ensuring a seamless and efficient HR operation globally.

Compliance and Risk Management

Stay on top of labor laws in every country you operate, reducing the risk of non-compliance and avoiding costly penalties. Ensure your global operations run smoothly and legally with robust compliance and risk management.

Improved Decision Making

Get the insights and analytics you need to make informed decisions, enhancing strategic HR planning and monitoring performance effectively. Make better choices and drive your business forward with confidence.

Enhanced Employee Experience 

Streamline HR processes like onboarding and offboarding to be more efficient and user-friendly, fostering better communication and collaboration among your global teams. Enhance the employee experience and boost productivity across the board.

How Does a Global HRIS Differ from a Local HRIS?

  • Scope and Scale: A local HRIS like Justworks PEO is designed for single-country operations, focusing on the specific needs of one location. In contrast, a global HRIS like Justworks EOR caters to multi-country operations, offering broader functionalities to support a diverse and widespread workforce.

  • Compliance and Legal Requirements: While a local HRIS focuses on adhering to the laws and regulations of one country, a global HRIS ensures compliance with various international labor laws, helping you navigate the complexities of global employment standards.

  • Localization: A local HRIS is tailored to the needs of a specific region, such as language and currency preferences. On the other hand, a global HRIS supports multiple languages, currencies, and local practices, making it versatile and adaptable to various cultural contexts and needs.

  • Integration and Connectivity: Local HRIS solutions often have limited integration needs, serving primarily within a single region. A global HRIS, however, requires seamless integration across global offices and systems, ensuring consistent and connected HR operations worldwide.

What to Look for in a Global HRIS?

Before committing to one global HRIS system make sure you keep these important features in mind. 

  1. Scalability

    • Supports an increasing number of employees and locations effortlessly.

  2. Customization and Flexibility

    • Can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

    • Adapts to changing business environments with ease.

  3. User-Friendly Interface

    • Intuitive navigation for both HR staff and employees.

    • Self-service options to simplify everyday tasks.

  4. Payroll Management

    • Efficiently handle multi-currency payrolls.

    • Ensure timely and accurate payments across different countries.

  5. Robust Analytics and Reporting

    • Comprehensive reporting capabilities at your fingertips.

    • Real-time analytics for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

  6. Compliance Management

    • Built-in features to ensure adherence to international labor laws.

    • Regular updates to stay compliant with evolving regulations.

  7. Integration Capabilities

    • Seamless compatibility with other HR and business systems.

    • Smooth data exchange and workflow integration for a connected ecosystem.

One Simplified Solution with Justworks

Justworks offers multi-product HRIS services including PEO, EOR, payroll, and international contractor payments, making us a simplified solution for all your HR needs. 

Tailored Solutions

Discover Justworks EOR customized HRIS solutions tailored to fit your company's unique global needs. Receive personalized support and expert advice every step of the way, ensuring solutions that align perfectly with your business objectives.

Simplify Hiring and Compliance

Set up HR infrastructure to streamline hiring and onboarding in new countries with a centralized, user-friendly system and dedicated human support. Leave employment paperwork to us, pay your team effortlessly in their local currency, offer competitive local benefits, and manage PTO and important documents seamlessly. 

Save time with international compliance support, protect your business from risks, skip setting up local legal entities, handle payroll taxes, and stay compliant with local employment laws and HR regulations with expert guidance.

How Justworks International Can Help Grow Your Global Team

Discover how partnering with Justworks International can speed up your global team's growth and optimize your HR processes. Take your global operations to the next level with streamlined compliance, expert HR support, and scalable solutions tailored to your expanding needs. Ready to revolutionize your HR management? Get started with Justworks today!

This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, legal or tax advice. If you have any legal or tax questions regarding this content or related issues, then you should consult with your professional legal or tax advisor.
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Written By
Blog Author - Janelle Watson
Janelle Watson
Jul 1, 20244 minutes

Janelle Watson provides content marketing for the international team at Justworks. With a background in higher education and journalism, Janelle helps tell stories that make international expansion and EOR accessible.

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