All About Employee Work Hours in Colombia

Understand how employee work hours in Colombia differ and see how Justworks EOR can make hiring and managing your team in Colombia easier.

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How an EOR Can Help Streamline HR

 If you’d like to know what typical working hours are in Colombia and how their work culture compares, a global EOR provider that offers hyperlocal guidance like Justworks can help.

With Justworks EOR you can establish a strong HR infrastructure without establishing a local entity. We’ll help you handle most localized HR functions, including onboarding, payroll and related taxes, local benefits, employer compliance, and immigration (if needed). Set yourself and your business up for success in Colombia with Justworks EOR.

Standard Hours of Work in Colombia

Working Hour Limits

In Colombia, standard working hours are capped at eight hours per day and 47 hours per week. However, employers must reduce these hours to 42 hours per week by 2026. Employees in management or directorial positions are exempt from these restrictions because they’re salaried. Employees are always entitled to overtime pay if they work over 48 (or 42 depending on the employment contract) hours in one week.

Work Culture

In Colombia, building strong relationships with colleagues is key, and socializing outside of work is common. Colombians tend to be direct in their communication style and may use humor and small talk to establish rapport. The workplace is generally more formal and hierarchical with a clear chain of command. While punctuality isn’t always a top priority in Colombia, communicating effectively when running late is always important. Colombians value work-life balance, so working long hours isn’t always viewed positively.

Ready for Easier Team Management in Colombia?

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