All About Remote Work in Colombia

Learn what it takes to hire employees in Colombia for remote work and how Justworks EOR can make hiring and managing those employees easier.

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Building a Remote Team in Colombia

Companies can hire talent in Colombia and build a remote workforce with ease while skipping the effort of setting up a local entity. A global EOR provider like Justworks EOR can make everything from hiring to managing international employees easier without stepping foot in the country.

  • Maintaining compliance with local employment laws and other regulations

  • Drafting employment contracts in the correct language

  • Managing payroll and taxes, including withholdings and deductions payments

  • Administering local benefits, such as private health insurance 

  • Registering with the local social security system, foreign tax authorities, and other government institutions

  • Offering support and navigating sticky situations like terminations and severance

Benefits of Hiring Remote Workers in Colombia 

Choosing to hire in Colombia has its benefits, including new talent, cost savings, and geographic location.

Access a Wider Talent Pool of Skilled Workers 

With the growing popularity of remote work, Colombia has attracted fresh talent across the world with a wide set of skills, particularly in design, data, and engineering. Many are bilingual English speakers, thanks to the large number of native English speakers who teach ESL in the country. 

Benefit from Tax Incentives 

The government of Colombia welcomes foreign companies and offers several tax incentives including preferential rates to investors that boost the economy and tax exemptions for certain sectors. 

Central Location 

Subcopy: Colombia operates under the Colombian Standard Time Zone and doesn’t observe daylight savings. This makes Colombia a perfect location for North American businesses that want to access the South American market, and vice versa. Using an EOR service like Justworks allows you to expand more easily into Latin America and reach a wider customer base.

Employee Rights for Remote Workers

Colombia recently started offering a digital nomad work visa and clarified laws around remote work.

Law 2121

Subcopy: Law 2121 regulates and specifies the conditions for Colombian citizens who want to work remotely from home, a co-working space, or any location with stable internet, as long as it meets standards set by the Occupational Hazard Administration. Under this law, both employer and employee must agree to remote work terms and consent to data protection policies. Employers must detail provisions for remote work in the employee’s contract and respect an employee’s right to disconnect outside working hours. Remote employees who act as caregivers to minors under 14, relatives with disabilities, or adults over 60 have the right to create a schedule that fits their caretaking needs with employer approval. 

Remote Work Expenses

Subcopy: Employees who work remotely from home are entitled to receive compensation or a stipend for utilities or services they need to carry out job responsibilities. Companies must pay for all the operational costs for remote workspaces, including electricity, internet, and water, but employees forfeit any transportation stipends they may be receiving.

Ready to Hire Confidently in Colombia?

Justworks EOR makes building your global team seamless by helping you hire and onboard talent in Colombia and beyond more quickly. Save yourself the time and hassle of international hiring today.