All About Offering Employee Benefits in Spain

Hire the best talent in Spain with the information you need to offer a competitive benefits package and stay compliant.

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Required Benefits in Spain

In Spain, competitive benefits and compensation packages can help you attract top talent and stay compliant. Justworks EOR offers guidance so you can get access to great localized benefits and offer attractive perks. Let's explore the benefits employers should consider providing.

Social Security 

Employers and employees contribute to Spain’s social security system which includes unemployment insurance and medical insurance. Employers contribute 24.1% of an employee’s gross salary while employees contribute 4.8% of their income. 

Time Off

Spanish employees are entitled to at least 30 paid calendar days of vacation time. Other recognized and protected leave includes public holidays, maternity and parental leave, sick leave, and personal leave.

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Bonus Payments 

Employers must provide 13th and 14th-month salaries in Spain per federal law. Most employers split employee salary payments with one payment in July and one in December as part of the employee’s annual salary.

Offer Competitive Benefits

A great employee benefits package can help employers attract the best Spanish talent. Here are the benefits to consider offering for a happier and healthier team.


Spain’s social security system accounts for retirement, but many employers offer additional pension plans. Employers may match employee contributions to retirement savings or make additional payroll deductions.

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Transportation Expenses

In Spain, many employers reimburse their employees for travel expenses. This can include offering company cars, reimbursing gas or car insurance, or public transportation stipends.

Professional Development

Many large companies set up professional learning seminars to help employees grow within the company. Some employers reimburse or pay employees to pursue an additional degree to further their careers. 

Offering paid lunches or reimbursing lunch expenses is another nice perk that helps employees cut extra food costs.

Childcare Stipends

Providing childcare reimbursements can help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance and demonstrate your values as a company.

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