Drinks2Go chose Justworks when they needed a turnkey payroll platform

Explore Drinks2Go’s partnership with Justworks Payroll that is helping them to level up their organization, including simplifying onboarding and compliance.
growing with us2023
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industryHospitality/Food and Beverage
locationNew York, NY

How It Began

Drinks2Go, a beverage packaging solutions business based in New York, started operations in the fall of 2023. The new company serves a growing need by modernizing and enhancing the way consumers handle and enjoy beverages in mobile environments. 

As third-party and mobile ordering apps like GrubHub and Uber Eats expanded, beverages were consistently overlooked as a revenue-boosting menu item. This opportunity was being missed “mostly because of a lack of transit-conducive packaging,” concluded Harry Green, Co-Founder and CEO. While Drink2Go's products help elevate the expectation for how restaurants and delivery carriers can fulfill drink orders with less spillage, Harry realized he needed help with the administrative side of his business.

Support from the Start

Not long after Drinks2Go opened in October of 2023, they decided to partner with Justworks Payroll. Justworks stood out from other payroll providers as “a complete turnkey, intuitive solution to handle and organize everything payment and benefit related,” said Harry. “I'm a first-time business owner, so they made it very clear cut as to what is needed.”

As a newly minted entrepreneur, Harry found the guidance provided by Justworks' onboarding and support teams invaluable. Justworks worked with Harry, answering questions and helping him navigate what were uncharted waters for his new company. “[Justworks] helped me to understand the landscape for budgeting purposes, of what it takes to onboard new employees,” Harry said.

Harry also leaned on his dedicated Customer Implementation Manager, Matt Callahan, for tailored, one-on-one support throughout the process. “Matt was always available to answer any of my initial questions.” 

Easy to Navigate

Drink2Go's employees were quickly won over by the Justworks Payroll experience as well. The intuitive platform makes important tasks easy for the whole team. “Key initial hires who have come over to our organization and have previously used other platforms have been wowed with how easy Justworks is to navigate,” said Harry.

And for Harry, fielding questions from his team is simplified with Justworks Payroll in his corner. The customer support team is not only easily reachable, but also very responsive. Harry was quick to point out, “Any information that my team needs from me, I'm able to easily get from Justworks, pretty quickly and properly.”

Seamless Payroll and Compliance

When it came to payroll, Justworks brought exactly what Harry and his busy team were looking for: “A seamless, complete ownership of any payroll responsibilities that are needed as the operator of the business.” Harry’s confidence in Justworks allowed him to focus his attention on other parts of the business, knowing his payroll was taken care of.

“[Justworks] seamlessly onboarded our employees, they were able to properly organize and make sure that I was complying with all regulations around any taxes needed as a business owner.” 

With all the support around payroll and compliance, Justworks “just made it really easy to get our organization to the next level,” concluded Harry.

Expanding Horizons

Drinks2Go is looking forward to growing their reach into the sports and concessionary environment. Their first use case is in Tropicana Field, the ballpark of the Tampa Bay Rays. “We are very excited to extend our offerings not only to this stadium, but many others around the country.”

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