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For Cultivate Advisors, the most valuable aspect of joining Justworks was the sheer amount of time they saved across the organization.
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How It Began

Cultivate Advisors was created when founders Casey Clark and Dan Gramann realized they shared a passion for helping businesses. Over time, their firm of advisors grew from just two people to a large, diverse community of professionals who share that same passion.

Starting and running a business is no small feat, so Casey and Dan invested much of their time to ensure the success of their company. However, as their business grew, their time was taken up more and more by the administrative tasks that are necessary to keep the lights on. In order to properly serve their mission, Casey and Dan needed that time back.

Why Cultivate Advisors Chooses Justworks

Time saved on HR tasks

Our easy-to-use HR tools help you organize the information and relationships that make up your workforce.

Easy onboarding

Justworks provides a seamless onboarding experience for you and your new employees.

Compliance support

Get support for federal, state, and local employment-related compliance needs, including payroll tax filings.

Giving Small Business Owners Time Back

Like many small business owners, Casey and Dan spent a lot of time on HR, and they wanted a PEO that could help them get that time back. For Casey, it’s all about that time saved, “because as the owner, that’s what I feel. It’s the time savings that makes it worth thousands of dollars in ROI.”

Casey explained that many business owners massively underestimate the time spent on HR, and would be blown away by how much time they can save when partnering with a PEO. Between online onboarding and training tools, automated payroll and tax filings, and 24/7 support, that’s a lot of time Justworks can save a business owner. After joining Justworks, Casey said, “we don’t spend any energy, any time. It’s in our peripheral.” And that means even more time spent on growing Cultivate Advisors even further.

Enabling Small Businesses to Scale

For Cultivate to scale successfully, they needed the right support. This included the tools to attract and onboard employees, as well as the expertise to handle their compliance needs. For Casey and Dan, this is where Justworks came in. Justworks enabled Cultivate to hire the best with access to better, more attractive benefits, and onboard them using a modern, user-friendly tech platform that Casey calls “the best, hands down.”

In addition, Justworks helped Cultivate navigate complex compliance requirements like payroll taxes as they hired across multiple states. Maintaining compliance across multiple states can be tricky, so Justworks’ ability as a PEO to identify and help Casey and Dan meet those requirements was a big differentiator for Cultivate.

Commitment to Small Businesses

Casey and Dan knew they couldn’t settle for just any PEO — they needed one whose commitment to small businesses matched their own. “To be a strategic partner with us,” Casey said, “we have to believe that you bleed for small business owners.” Whether it’s the 24/7 support that’s available to employees and leadership alike, or all the educational resources provided — as far as Casey’s concerned, Justworks has a proven ability to rise to the occasion.

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