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Justworks Helps Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation Focus on Growth

Justworks enables a groundbreaking nonprofit to scale up their organization and hire competitively with an easy-to-implement platform.
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How It Began

Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation, Justworks’ 2023 Spring Forward Fund grant winner, is a patient research nonprofit. Their mission is to inform, support, and mobilize those affected by cerebral cavernous malformation (CCM) and drive research for better treatments and a cure. They do this by creating a space, digitally and in-person, for those diagnosed with CCM to connect, providing patients with the resources and medical professionals that can help them make the best decisions about their care.

Founder Connie Lee shared that in the past three to five years, the organization has grown and matured from its initial start as a founder-driven, volunteer organization to hiring full-time employees. Before Justworks, their treasurer, as a volunteer, was doing everything related to payroll. Alliance to Cure understood this wasn’t sustainable if they wanted to grow. So, they looked into using a PEO to take on more of the admin work. Justworks was recommended as a great PEO that was also a great fit for their business model.

Why Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation Chooses Justworks

Competitive benefits

Get access to corporate-level benefits, without going corporate.

A Platform for Scaled Growth 

Justworks’ all-in-one PEO solution includes the tools needed to run payroll, provide access to employee benefits, stay on top of compliance, and take care of HR admin from a simple platform. Connie shared that as Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation continues to grow, Justworks offers her the peace of mind that they have the right tools in place to sustain the organization even beyond her time. She said, “Justworks provides us with infrastructure that doesn't require a single individual or rely on a single individual. Once it’s set up, it’s easy to run everything, so I can sit back more and trust that things will get done.” 

Much More on Offer Beyond the Platform

Connie added that down the line, given the variety of features and resources offered with Justworks PEO alone, her team will be able to do so much more as they grow. Additionally, as Justworks continues to expand their products and services, the breadth of Justworks’ offerings enables more flexibility to add additional tools or services as their organization matures. 

Right now, Connie has been using resources from Justworks to help shape their first employee handbook. She said, “[Justworks] continues to benefit us beyond just the initial PEO product that we are using.” When the employee handbook has been finalized, Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation can easily upload it to the Justworks PEO platform so all employees can quickly reference it when needed.

Better Benefits for Competitive Hiring 

One of the biggest draws of Justworks was how easy it was to offer great benefits to attract and retain talent. Connie shared, “It also allows us the ability to be more competitive when hiring. [Before Justworks] we couldn't offer any kind of benefits.” In the past, Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation had lost some great potential candidates because they were not yet able to offer benefits. Connie added, “[Justworks PEO] has made our growth more sustainable.” The ability to offer benefits also helps them hire the talent they need to continue to expand the reach of their organization and build out new programs like Breaking Barriers.

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