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Joining Justworks’ Accounting Partner Program was an Easy Choice for Revel CPA

The CEO of Revel CPA was confident that Justworks was not only the right choice for their own business but for their client’s businesses as well.
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How It Began

Revel, a CPA firm based in Chicago, proudly serves the needs of creative and entertainment entrepreneurs with growing their companies. Revel provides accounting, tax, and advisory services in a way that creates financial clarity, peace of mind, and company growth. Martin Kamenski, Revel’s CEO, says, “Revel helps our clients sleep well at night, knowing that everything is being taken care of.”

Martin was initially attracted to Justworks PEO's accounting partner program for two primary reasons: the ease of onboarding new employees for themselves and their clients, and benefits optionality. Revel was looking to lower the administrative burden for their clients and Justworks PEO was the best fit to do so.

Taking a Leap of Faith

As Martin explains, Revel was onboarding their own company to Justworks at the same time they were joining the partner program. They really had to put their trust in Justworks PEO for not only Revel, but their clients. “I didn’t have an extensive history of having used [Justworks] for years that I can lean back to say, 'trust me, we’ve been through everything and I know how it’s going to work.' So it was a little bit of a leap of faith in that regard.” Given the PEO’s ease-of-use and rich set of features, Revel quickly learned it was the right solution to recommend their clients to join.

The Ease of Onboarding

Revel focuses on making business and taxes engaging and understandable. However, the process of hiring and onboarding slowed them down and also slowed their clients down.

Compliance with all the rules, regulations, and laws around hiring remote employees requires overwhelming time and effort. There are very specific parameters for very specific agencies in each state. Smaller companies like Revel just don't have these resources available. According to Martin, "We are always looking for new ways of doing things, improving our systems, and developing strategies to help our clients." Revel realized they needed a partner to manage the excessive paperwork and details effectively.

Martin also went on to explain that not only has it been easier to onboard their own new employees, but it has also been significantly easier to onboard new clients for Revel. “I have felt very in-the-loop as I’ve brought in new clients. I’ve been kept aware of their process through the sales process, through onboarding, etc. And I’ve really been given the opportunity to play as much or as little of a role as I’ve wanted.” This was an important feature for the CEO, because not every client relationship is the same. To be able to tailor the experience after making the connection between Justworks PEO and the client has been great and streamlined their process.

Accessible and Responsive Support

Revel's team often reaches out to Justworks' dedicated point of contact. Whether through Justworks' chat or the call-in customer support options, Revel's questions are answered promptly and accurately. "It's definitely helpful when I can tell somebody that our company also uses Justworks," Martin said.

With support like this, Revel has the tools to continue focusing on not only their own business and growth but also serving their customers at the highest level through Justworks’ partnership program.

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