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For Sayva Solutions partnering with Justworks PEO was a savvy solution

Sayva Solutions’ partnership with Justworks PEO helps them scale their business with a cost-effective all-in-one solution and a platform that’s simple and easy to use.
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growing with us2021
company size150
industryProfessional Consulting Firm
locationSan Diego, CA

How It Began

Sayva Solutions is a professional consulting firm that focuses on recruiting, project consulting, and managed services. As Managing Director of HR Services, Angela Yutangco leads the fractional HR division with a focus on human resources for a broad variety of clients across biotech, pharma, retail, and property management, to name a few. 

As Sayva was looking to build out its managed services division, they wanted to understand what PEO platforms might be a great fit for their client base. After vetting Justworks PEO, Sayva Solutions signed their first client up with Justworks. Once the team got up to speed with Justworks’ PEO platform, they reached out to join the partner program. And from there, Sayva has successfully referred and onboarded many clients to Justworks and has been very happy ever since.

Easy to Join, Easy to Manage

One thing that appealed to Sayva was how easy it was to join the partner program and onboard and manage clients through Justworks PEO. This was particularly valuable for Sayva’s smaller team. “It was just really easy," Angela said. "With the ease of bringing on a client, referring a client, and also the dashboard it’s easy to look at where the referral is at in the process.” 

Angela shared that clients find the Justworks PEO platform just as easy and intuitive. Commenting on client feedback, she said, “They like how it's easy to navigate the platform and all their payroll and benefits information is right at their fingertips for them and their employees.” 

Support and Quality Service

Sayva Solutions prides itself on providing white glove service to their clients, and Justworks’ support for partners and customers lives up to these same values. Angela shared that when her team is bringing on a client, they'll talk with the client about what their specific needs are. From there, they'll loop in Melissa, their designated Account Executive at Justworks, who will meet with the client, talk with them, and make the onboarding process super easy. 

But it’s not just onboarding where Angela feels supported. She also appreciates how easy it is to reach out when she has questions, whether that’s using the chat function within the platform or connecting with Melissa. Angela said, “I don't have to go to five different people to get something answered.” She added, “The chat feature is super easy, and then I can go to Melissa for any and everything. If she doesn't know the answer, she'll go and get it.” 

Everything in One Place

Angela talked about how everything feels integrated within Justworks, from timekeeping for hourly workers to offering benefits and 401(k) retirement plans. The reporting feature within the PEO platform helps Sayva Solutions pull together data like labor costs and make forecasts. It’s also been a great match for their clients operating in multiple states. Justworks PEO makes it easy to get registered in different states and offer competitive benefits. 

Having worked at other PEO companies, Angela has a good understanding of the PEO landscape and loves the effortlessness of Justworks PEO. She said with other PEOs, it was common to have to jump through hoops just to pay an off-cycle payroll. With Justworks, those tasks are painless. “For the clients that we work with that do have contractors, they're easily able to pay right from the [Justworks] platform," Angela said. "That speaks to the flexibility that Justworks provides as a PEO because I know PEOs can be very stringent in certain things. That flexibility just helps a business run its day-to-day business.” 

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