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Justworks helps manage HR tasks, so Alex at Social Media Examiner can focus on the finances
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How It Began

Social Media Examiner is focused on training individuals or companies to use social media to market themselves, their clients, or their products effectively. Their trainings help marketers connect with customers, drive traffic, generate awareness, and increase sales. They offer direct access to the latest social media trends, original research, advice and wisdom from leading experts.

Alex King, Controller at Social Media Examiner, turned to Justworks’ PEO to provide her distributed team access to benefits.

Stress-free Access to Multi-State Benefits

Back when Alex first considered a PEO, her team spanned five different states with half the team based in California. Alex found that offering benefits for each employee was very expensive on a small business budget and coordinating it all was near impossible. For that reason a PEO just made sense. “I selected Justworks, and have been very happy with my choice ever since,” Alex said.

The access to great nationwide benefits from top carriers is one of the things that took Justworks to the top of Alex’s list. Speaking about Justworks, Alex said, “I was able to get solid benefits for everybody, in every state.”

HR Made Easier

Alex comes from a Finance background, so anything HR-wise that Justworks is able to take off her plate makes her life easier and frees her time up to focus on the financial side of things. One of those tasks was onboarding. “Between the onboarding process, terminations, getting people set up on harassment training, it’s easily an average of 10 hours a week that Justworks has saved me to do other things,” Alex said.

When it came to their previous provider, Alex said, “It was very cumbersome and it was not efficient at all. The work was done manually involving getting together paper documents, faxing them over to the representative, and often discovering their provider had made errors.

With Justworks, the simplicity of the platform interface made onboarding a snap. When Alex needs to onboard someone in a new state, setting up new states within Justworks’ online platform is handled for her, with some exceptions. Alex said, “Some states are completely easy, and some Justworks has to set up for me, but they’ll walk me through.”

Reliable Support & Compliance

With Justworks, Alex knows she can lean on support for any questions. Of Support, Alex said, “Every time, I’ve reached out I’ve gotten a response, usually the same day. And, if it’s urgent, I put urgent and I get a response right away. I never had an issue that we could not resolve.” This wasn’t exactly the case with their previous provider, who Alex said, whenever she reached out with an issue, she would be “sitting on hold forever trying to get ahold of a human being to try and get it fixed.”

Alex also has peace of mind knowing that Justworks is helping Social Media Examiner stay compliant across multiple states. Speaking about Justworks’ compliance support, she said, “As a small business non-compliance can be really expensive, so [Justworks] helps me stay compliant in multiple states where it’s very confusing. ” She added, “[Justworks] reduces your risk — state filings and unemployment insurance and workers’ comp, all of those things are taken care of for you. So it just simplifies the process so much. I can’t imagine doing this without you guys.”

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