Multi-state compliance support for a growing remote workforce

Around-the-clock support helped Swoogo manage multi-state compliance for their growing remote team.
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How It Began

With an emphasis on simplicity, functionality, and the true DIY spirit, Swoogo is a user-friendly event management platform that helps bring people together from anywhere. Swoogo’s superpower is streamlining the organizational aspects of every type of event, from registration and session scheduling, to post-event data reports. Swoogo helps event marketers intuitively build a website with embedded registration, email automation, a sponsor portal, and speaker resources. A growing force in the market, Swoogo is the next big thing in events.

Why Swoogo Chooses Justworks

Compliance support

Get support for federal, state, and local employment-related compliance needs, including payroll tax filings.

Support for remote employees

Justworks helps businesses hire and manage remote employees across the country more effectively.

Expert customer service

We're here for you and your team 24/7, with expert support from real people.

Time saved on HR tasks

Our easy-to-use HR tools help you organize the information and relationships that make up your workforce.

Simplified Multi-state Compliance

Swoogo has a fully distributed workforce, with employees in dozens of states. With employees in so many different locations, the complexity of multi-state compliance is one of the biggest reasons Swoogo chose Justworks. “Justworks is a huge timesaver for us with regards to compliance,” Anthony Vega, Swoogo’s Vice President of Finance, said.

“We’ve got a lot of administrative tasks to deal with in each state,” he said. Anthony loves the confidence Swoogo gains from Justworks helping them review the details for the various states their employees work from. “Without Justworks, we’d have to hire — grow our team size — just to be able to keep up with all of that.”

Anthony particularly appreciates how specific and comprehensive Justworks is. “Many aspects of compliance are automated in the Justworks platform,” he said. “For the parts that aren’t automated, Justworks knows how to handle them and can advise us and walk us through step-by-step.” A guiding hand like Justworks provides Swoogo the peace of mind they need to focus on running the business.

Robust, Intuitive Technology

Anthony also has high praise for the Justworks platform itself. Having previously used and evaluated similar services, he finds Justworks to be the best. “There is no better platform in this space than Justworks. Justworks is the simplest to use, and is just as robust. The interface is really simple and intuitive,” he said. “It can do just about everything.”

Justworks’ reporting features are particularly helpful for Anthony as well. “I enjoy having the ability to run different analytics and compare the way our teams have grown and changed over time,” he said. “We utilize the department tags feature to look at different teams. This helps us see where we have hit hiring targets and where we haven’t.”

Other Swoogo employees find the platform easy to use, too. “Everyone seems to be able to find the things they need in the system without needing much guidance,” Anthony said. And the fact that Justworks integrates with other tech solutions the company utilizes, like their bookkeeping software, steamlines things for Swoogo even more.

A Responsive Team

When it comes to Justworks’ customer support, Anthony is a big fan. “Any time we run into something, I know I can reach out and Justworks will know how to handle it, or will be able to figure it out really quickly and guide us through it,” he said.

Customer support can make or break someone’s experience, so Swoogo wanted to make sure Justworks provided a high level of support. “The Justworks team is top tier,” Anthony said. “The quality of each interaction I have had with a member of the Justworks team is high. Justworks team members seem to be empowered, highly skilled, and are able to help customers with their needs from start to finish,” he continued. With support like that, Swoogo can focus their time and energy on growing their workforce — and growing the business.

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