Straightforward onboarding and quality support for growing teams

Straightforward onboarding and quality support helped Tattle focus more time on growing their team.
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How It Began

Tattle was founded in 2013 with the goal of making it easier for companies to receive and take action based on customer feedback. Through API integrations with online ordering systems, Tattle’s digital feedback platform enables companies in the restaurant, hospitality, and retail space to better understand where their strengths and weaknesses lie so they can continue to improve and succeed.

Originally based in Manhattan, NY, in April of 2020, they decided to become a fully remote company as a result of the COVID pandemic. Not long after, they also decided to make the move to Justworks.

Why Tattle Chooses Justworks

Easy onboarding

Justworks provides a seamless onboarding experience for you and your new employees.

Streamlined payroll

We offer a simplified payroll process and effortless integrations, so you can make any payments you need to - at no extra cost.

Expert customer service

We're here for you and your team 24/7, with expert support from real people.

Competitive benefits

Get access to corporate-level benefits, without going corporate.

Tech-forward HR Platform

Gary Beltrani, Tattle’s CFO, was the one who chose Justworks. As the company’s only CFO since the company’s inception in 2013, he’d had experience with other PEOs in the past. But as Tattle’s digital platform continued to grow, the company’s needs evolved beyond what their current provider could offer. In 2021, Gary knew it was time for something better.

Access to competitive benefits was a big factor for Tattle in choosing a new PEO, but Gary also knew they needed an HR platform with strong, reliable functionality. Once Tattle joined Justworks, Gary knew he’d found what he was missing with their previous provider. “From onboarding new employees, to employees' ability to interact with the platform on their own — it’s like night and day,” he said.

The Justworks platform itself has been a bright spot for Gary. “It’s so easy to use,” he said. The platform simplifies things like special payments, giving Gary more time back in his day. Setting up expense reimbursements requires just a few simple clicks, and Gary loves that there’s no extra charge for paying his employees outside of a normal pay period. “Sometimes, something comes up — it’s nice to be able to do that.”

Straightforward, User-friendly Onboarding

Onboarding was another critical feature that Gary considered when looking at Justworks. As the only digital feedback company that integrates with online ordering systems, Tattle grew very quickly throughout the pandemic. Pre-COVID, Tattle employed less than 15 employees. A year and a half later, they were managing over 25 employees.

With such high growth, Tattle needed to streamline onboarding for new employees, and Justworks made it easy for them to do so. “I have to say the onboarding process is really great,” Gary said. “You input their name, their email address, their salary, and BAM! You send them an invite and away we go.”

Knowledgeable & Responsive Support

The quality of customer support is a big factor for many companies when they’re considering a PEO, and, for Gary, it was definitely top of mind. “People fear lack of support,” he said. “That was my biggest fear in making the transition.” The quality of support from Tattle’s previous provider was good, but Gary felt he lucked out when it came to Justworks’ customer support. “I was a bit apprehensive about that — will I be hurting on the support side?” he said. “But it’s actually better.”

Gary was pleasantly surprised by the level of support provided by Justworks, and he had nothing but good things to say about Tattle’s Account Manager. “He’s the best, enough said.” And when it comes to other resources like Justworks’ HR Consultants, or other support channels like chat, Gary’s had a great experience. But it’s rare that Gary needs to go searching for help, especially with an Account Manager like his. “He seems to know a lot about everything!” he said. And with resources like that, Tattle can spend less time on the nitty-gritty, and more time growing the business even further.

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