Streamlining hiring and onboarding with an ATS integration

Vert loved the efficiency gains from using Justworks and JazzHR, so when they discovered Justworks’ integration with JazzHR, connecting the two systems was a no-brainer.
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How It Began

Vert is a strategic marketing agency that provides full-service digital marketing services. They deliver projects that span full corporate website rebuilds for enterprises to social media campaigns for non-profit organizations, and as the agency signed new customers in new verticals, they needed to grow their team. However, they faced two challenges. 

First, as Vert expanded their hiring to go nationwide, it was no longer feasible for them to run payroll for full-time employees while cutting checks for contractors. They needed a single platform to pay all employees and assist with complex HR activities like compliantly paying various employee types distributed across multiple states.

Second, Vert needed to build a sustainable talent pipeline in a dynamic hiring market. Agency life can be unpredictable, with clients often changing course and rethinking their campaigns or slashing budgets. Vert needed a flexible and reliable hiring system in place to adapt to their clients’ needs.

As Debbie Aiken, Head of People at Vert, faced these growing pains, she knew that building sustainable hiring and onboarding practices would be pivotal to scaling her team and delighting clients. But first, she needed to find the right technology partners.

Why Vert Chooses Justworks

Payroll & Tax

Using Justworks, Vert could pay every single employee: full-time salaried, part-time hourly, contractors, and even vendors. Not only did this eliminate the need to cut checks for certain employee types, but it also centralized payroll data, making tax activities much easier.


Although Vert had no preset limits on vacation and sick time, they still wanted to track and manage paid time off (PTO). In Justworks, employees could do it all: request PTO, receive approval, and track their PTO history.


Justworks made it easy for Debbie to assign and ensure completion of mandatory trainings: Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace, Managing Bias, and Harassment & Discrimination Prevention.

Simplified recruiting

Debbie was solely responsible for running a largely manual hiring process, which was becoming cumbersome as the agency grew and hiring picked up. “It was a good process, but it was becoming unmanageable with 8 different tools and 15 different steps from job opening to offer for every open role,” she said.

She conducted research, watched sales demos, read testimonials from small businesses, and decided that JazzHR was the best fit for Vert. As an added bonus, Vert received a 20% discount for being a Justworks customer! 

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JazzHR improved the hiring experience for both candidates and interviewers. The most game-changing features were:

  • Candidate profiles: Everyone involved in the hiring process could see a candidate’s communication history, hiring stage, and interview notes in one place. This helped interviewers prepare to meet candidates and lead better interviews.

  • Automated tasks: Interviewers are reminded to submit notes, hiring managers receive alerts to review notes, and the office manager is alerted to add new hires to Vert’s onboarding workflow. This kept candidates moving through the hiring process with much less involvement from Debbie.

Integrating JazzHR with Justworks

Debbie discovered that Justworks integrated with JazzHR through Justworks’ customer newsletter and said, “I got an email that the integration was coming soon and sent it to leadership. It was like validation that we chose the right tools.”

It took Debbie about 5 minutes to set up the integration, and according to her, “the setup was super easy. I was surprised at how it was literally a couple of clicks and then it was done and ready to use.”

The integration helps Vert bridge the critical step from recruitment to new hire onboarding. According to Debbie, “Using the integration has removed the guesswork from our hiring workflow. Now hiring managers can send candidates to Justworks when they’re ready to be added. They don’t need to remember what to do next. Transferring candidates from JazzHR to Justworks is so smooth and easy.”

Vert’s favorite features of Justworks’ integration with JazzHR

Connected systems: JazzHR prompts Debbie to export a new hire to Justworks, so that Justworks can receive a hired candidate’s name, title, email, and start date

Onboarding workflow: Debbie spends a lot of time in Justworks, and can now see reminders directly in Justworks to invite a new hire. Before the integration, she had to track this task in a separate project management system.

Pre-filled invitation: Inviting new candidates to Justworks is easier with pre filled data fields. Debbie can review and edit any information before inviting them to Justworks.

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