Switch to Slavic401k for an integrated 401(k) experience:

Feature Item - Integrated with Payroll
Integrated with Payroll

Our integration with Slavic401k means deferrals are automatically updated in Justworks and contributions are seamlessly sent to Slavic401k.

Feature Item - Top Funds, Low Fees
Top Funds, Low Fees

With low fees and a selection of mutual funds as well as the option for a self-directed brokerage account, Slavic401k offers great value for small businesses and their employees.

Feature Item - Multiple Employer Plan
Multiple Employer Plan

A MEP allows you to shift some of the fiduciary liability your company takes on when offering 401k plans to Justworks and Slavic401k. MEPs also help you save on costs and time by performing plan audits and 5500 filings for you.

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Why Slavic401k?

Slavic401k offers a multiple employer plan (MEP) which can save small businesses thousands of dollars on auditing fees. They provide access to a range of mutual funds including those from Vanguard, Fidelity, and JP Morgan, among others. Your employees will also have access to a self-directed brokerage account with Fidelity through their Justworks 401(k) plan. You’ll have access to dedicated customer support from the Slavic401k team as well as the same great service from Justworks that you’re used to. Learn more about Slavic401k here.

New Plan Set Up Fees

Set-up fee: $0

Existing Plan Rollover Fees

Set-up fee: $350

Participant Fee (per participant): $3

Flat Annual Account Fee

Employees are also responsible for paying any trading fees associated with the self-directed brokerage account as well as a flat annual account fee of $75. This fee is broken into payments of $18.75 charged on a quarterly basis directly to employees accounts.*

*Alternatively, employers can elect to cover this fee for their employees.

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