All About Hiring Employees in Canada

Get the information you need to hire in Canada and learn how Justworks EOR can help you streamline international hiring and manage employees abroad.

The Benefits of an EOR for Hiring in Canada

Hiring in Canada opens up your talent pool, especially for companies looking for tech workers. As a global EOR provider, Justworks makes hiring Canadian talent and building your global team seamless and fast. Our experts will provide support to give you hyper-local insights into what to know about hiring in Canada including:

  • Guidance on drafting employment contracts

  • Access to local benefits

  • Running payroll

  • Support for visas and work permits

  • Much more.

With our transparent pricing, you can hire and pay employees in Canada without hidden fees — start with one employee and scale up at your own pace. 

How to Hire in Canada

Opening Up an Entity

Setting up an entity in Canada can take months since it requires a nuanced understanding of Canadian labor laws and best hiring practices. 

You’ll need to: 

  • Set up a local branch with a local bank account

  • Register with each provinces’ government institutions and register employees for the Canadian Pension Plan

  • Maintain a presence in the country

  • Find law partners 

  • Hire an accounting firm to run payroll 

  • Hire an internal HR team

For this reason, many companies partner with a global EOR service like Justworks to expedite hiring talent in Canada.

Drafting Employment Agreements

To protect your business and your employees, always make sure to create employment agreements in Canada that includes:

  • Employee and employer name 

  • Start date 

  • Job title, description, and responsibilities 

  • Terms of employment

  • Compensation and benefits 

  • Termination and notice period 

  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements

  • Intellectual property rights

  • Code of conduct and workplace policies

  • Dispute resolution policies

  • Legal compliance

  • Signatures of employer and employee

Ready to Hire Confidently in Canada?

Justworks EOR makes building your global team seamless by helping you hire and onboard talent in Canada and beyond more quickly. Save yourself the time and hassle of international hiring today.