All About Employee Work Hours in Canada

Understand how employee work hours in Canada differ from those in the U.S. and see how Justworks EOR can make hiring and managing your team in Canada easier.

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How an EOR Can Help Streamline HR

When you want to understand nuances like differences in working hours and work culture between the U.S. and Canada, a global employer of record (EOR) service can help clue you in and more. 

Justworks EOR can help you access the tools and support you need to do more than just understand working hours in Canada. Get local guidance and insight into the Canadian labor market to establish a strong HR infrastructure for easier international hiring and team management without setting up a local entity. Set yourself and your business up for success with streamlined hiring and HR administration through Justworks EOR. 

Standard Hours of Work in Canada

Working Hour Limits

A standard work week is Monday to Friday 8 hours daily or 40 hours a week. Employees can work 48 hours max per week, but if they work over 40 weekly or 8 consecutive hours per day they may be entitled to compensation.

Employee Time Tracking Requirements

Employers must keep accurate records of employees' daily working hours, including overtime, and keep these records for 36 months, even after work ends. Failing to do so can result in severe fines and penalties.

Work Culture

Canadians value politeness, punctuality, and open communication. Work culture in Canada varies across regions, industries, and companies, but generally emphasizes respect, inclusivity, and collaboration, which manifests in the following:

  • Offering flexible working hours when possible 

  • Encouraging employees to share ideas freely with upper management 

  • Fostering professional development by supporting continuous learning opportunities

Ready to Hire Confidently in Canada?

Justworks EOR makes building your global team seamless by offering local expertise to help you understand the nuances of managing employees in Canada. Save yourself the time and hassle of international hiring today.