All About Remote Work in Canada

Learn about what it takes to hire employees in Canada for remote work and how Justworks EOR can make hiring and managing those employees easier.

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Building a Remote Team in Canada

Businesses can build a remote work hub in Canada using a global EOR provider like Justworks EOR without stepping foot in the country. 

An EOR is responsible for local HR processes, such as: 

  • Maintaining compliance with local employment laws and other regulations

  • Drafting employment contracts in the correct language

  • Managing payroll and taxes, including withholdings and deductions payments

  • Administering local benefits, such as private health insurance 

  • Registering with the local social security system in the specific Canadian province, foreign tax authorities, and other government institutions

  • Offering support and navigating sticky situations, including terminations and severance (layoffs in the US are much different than layoffs in Canada)

On top of all that, Justworks EOR connects you with local experts who can offer hyper-local insights into Canada helping you keep your business compliant.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Workers in Canada 

Subcopy: With the fourth-best education system in the world, Canada is a prime place to find top talent. Roughly 78% of Canadians aged 25-34 have post-secondary education making it a great place to hire for specialized skills.

Tap Into a Wider Talent Pool 

Subcopy: Expanding your search can bring in fresh perspectives. If you need software developers, Toronto has become a top tech hub in North America thanks to government investment. By hiring in Canada, you can widen your talent search and get access to people with the skills you need to grow your company. 

Lower Risks 

Subcopy: Canada has a long history of having a stable and growing economy, which means less risk of challenges for your business. Additionally, the Canadian dollar remains a stable currency in the world economy, and Canadian banks are among the most stable banks in the world

Employee Rights for Remote Workers

Here’s a top-level overview of remote employees’ rights in Canada.

Employee Rights for Remote Workers Accordion Heading Image

Ready to Hire Confidently in Canada?

Justworks EOR makes building your global team seamless by helping you hire and onboard talent in Canada and beyond more quickly. Save yourself the time and hassle of international hiring today.