All About Employee Work Hours in the United Kingdom

Understand the average employee work hours in the UK and see how Justworks EOR can make hiring and managing your team abroad easier.

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How an EOR Can Help Streamline HR

If you’d like insight into typical work hours and British workplace culture, a global EOR provider offering hyperlocal insights like Justworks can help.

Beyond that, Justworks EOR can help you get insight into the British labor market to help you establish a strong HR infrastructure for easier international hiring and team management — all without the need to set up a local entity. Set yourself and your business up for success with streamlined hiring and HR administration through Justworks EOR.

Standard Hours of Work in the UK

Working Hour Limits

Generally full-time hours are 40 hours per week five days a week. The Working Time Regulations 1998 set 48 as the maximum for weekly work hours limiting the work day to 8 hours and specifying the right to paid leave. Employees can choose to opt out of these work hour restrictions if they consent in writing. Overtime expectations should always be stated in the employment contract.

Work Culture

British work culture emphasizes politeness, respect, and professionalism. Being punctual and on time is one of the most important parts of adapting to British work culture. Collaboration and teamwork among employees are also valued and encouraged.

Ready for Easier Team Management in the UK?

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