All About Offering Employee Benefits in the United Kingdom

Hire the best talent in the UK with the information you need to offer a competitive benefits package and stay compliant.

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Required Benefits in the United Kingdom

Offering the bare minimum of benefits isn’t enough to compete for the best talent. Justworks EOR can help you understand what benefits are expected and required and help you access the benefits you need. Here’s what to consider when hiring in the UK.

Social Security 

Employers and employees in the UK pay into the British social security system, National Insurance Contribution (NIC).

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Time Off

British employees are entitled to 5.6 weeks (28 paid days) of vacation time, which can be inclusive of public holidays if established contractually. Other statutory leave includes paid holidays, personal leave, sick leave, maternity or paternity leave, parental leave, and bereavement leave.

Offer Competitive Benefits

Offering additional benefits can go a long way towards recruiting the UK’s best and brightest. Here are some added benefits to consider for a happier and healthier team.

Employer-sponsored Health Benefits

Employees get basic public medical insurance through the National Insurance Contribution. Employers should consider offering their employees extended and private plans for more coverage and extensive care options. Dental coverage isn’t covered by social security, so employers get a competitive edge by including this plan option.

Financial Planning & Retirement Benefits

Many employers offer employees the option to allocate additional retirement savings to a Cash ISA or non-taxable savings account. Many employers will match employee contributions, like a 401k in the United States.

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Ready to Offer Benefits in the United Kingdom?

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